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David Camus was born in 1970, and currently lives and works in Paris.
He has made documentary films for television, worked in publishing, written several articles and done many translations.

The Book of the Cross, his main work, is a series of five books telling the story of a knight Hospitaller named Morgennes. In the Holy Land during the great Crusades, Morgennes is captured by the Saracens and has no choice but to renounce his faith so that he can remain alive and embark on his quest: he must find the True Cross, which has been stolen from the Christians by the Saracen chief Saladin.

The Book of the Cross has been called “an astonishing mix of adventure, history and fantasy”.

David Camus first began work on the series in May 2001. The first tome,
The Heart of the Cross, was published in 2005. It was published in seven countries and won the “Prix Relay” for best adventure novel. Tome Two, Morgennes, was published in 2008, and tome Three, Crucifer, in 2009.

David Camus is also famous for his translations of H.P. Lovecraft (
Les Contrées du Rêve, that won the "Coup de Coeur Bob Morane" in 2011, and Les Montagnes hallucinées et autres récits d'exploration). A big fan of Lovecraft, he's also contributed to the awards winning Kadath, the Guide to the Unknown City, and has adapted Lovecraft's From Beyond for The Lovecraft Anthology - volume II (with Nicolas Fructus).

His latest work published is
The Cigar That Fell in Love With a Pipe (illustrated by Nick Abadzis, Eisner award-winner for Laika), that has been called "A charming graphic novel" by Publishers Weekly, "A wonderful blend of fact ad fiction" by First Comics News and "A pretty unique and unusual story" by Forbidden Planet.

Currently, David teaches "Science fiction, horror and fantasy" at the French University of Paris III Censier, and is town councillor of his home town.

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