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Seeking Graal par Shakti Maggi


(Ce petit poème, écrit par une amie italienne, lui a été inspiré par mon roman
Les Chevaliers du Royaume.)

Seeking Graal

You asked me what is really pure
In a world of masks the illusion endures
the do and the don't, the good and the bad
immoral and moral until you will understand
that Truth is not in the objectivity realm
but in the eyes of who is observing the glare
of this play of Light that appears as Life
in that empty I the Graal you will find.
We are all like Percival seeking to quench
this unavoidable thirst for what has no end
something that lasts more than an eyelash beat
such is the length of life of the human being
after a while it is clear that is not
in money, in sex, in the right kind of work
not even in what religions declare
the paradise comes always after your death
not an easy place if you need a good rest
when you are tired to try to come to terms
with the world and yourself a never-ending quest
there is no solution that will manifest
but right here, right now where you stand
that purity watches the sinners and saints
uninvolved by both
this empty Awareness
it will witness it all.

(© Shakti Maggi, journalist)

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